kota stone

kotastone are usually found in areas of Kota district, in the state of India, Rajasthan. It is available in different shades and sizes and can easily fit to your home decor. The specialty of this stone is that it is resistant enough to fit to any type of weather, be it dry, humid or cold. It is available in both rough and polished finished forms. The polished finish stone builds up grandeur and luxurious environment within the house. It is a good material if to give an architectural effect.

kota stone

Following are advantages/benefits that make it one of the popular stones across world.

kota Flooring:
Kota stones flooring enhances the overall look of the home interior. It gives a wonderful feeling of grandeur, luxury and comfort to the home decor. You can use multicolored stones to give an excellent and attractive look to the home decor.

kota stone Colours:

In rare case they can be also available in pink color. You can choose a perfect match for your home.

It is resistant to heat and water. The stone is also durable as it is non-porous and non water absorbent in nature. These stones are suitable for use in chemical industries. However, these stones are not resistant to acid and alkali.

It is available in various sizes and shapes to fit to any pattern of flooring.

Kota stones do not require much regular maintenance like any other flooring.  However, the polished Kota stones may tend to fake over a period of time.

Cheapest stone: 
One of the biggest advantages of this stone is that despite of having so many unique features these stones are one of the cheapest stones among other natural stones such as marble or granite. It competes for its lower cost in market and therefore can easily fit to your budget. It is also the best option for those who are budget conscious.

Kotastone is a well known variety of limestone and famous as building stone. It is a fine-grained variety. Durable rate and beautiful colors quality makes Kotastone popular. It is resistance to acid, alkali. Non-porous is main feature of Kota stone. Kota stone slabs, Kota limestone polished tiles, Kota stone blocks, are available for building with great polish. It is famous for both domestic and commercial purpose use. Kotastone is very famous for flooring purpose. It is usually available in Kota, Rajasthan, India.

Features of Kotastone

  • Kotastone is widely use for interior, exterior, residential or commercial decoration.
  • It can be use in roofs, patios.
  • Owing to its non-slippery, oil resistant, and non-water absorbent properties, it is widely use for floors, counters.
  • It can be use for corridors, drive paths,
  • It can also use for walls for interior and outdoor purpose.
  • It is easy to curve, hence can be use in Stonecraft.

Physical Properties of Kotastone

Color :  Available in Black, Gray, Brown, Green, Shadow blue and Beige
Hardness :  3 to 4 on Moh’s Scale
Density :  2.5 to 2.7 Kg/cm3
Comprehensive strength :  Compressive strength is 60-170 N/mm2
Porosity :  Quite low
Water Absorption :  less than 1%

Chemical Composition

Silica :  15-18%
Ferrous oxide :  3 (1-1.5%)
Iron (Fe2O3) :  0.5%-1.5%
Alumina (Al2O3) :  1 to 1.5%
Soda (Na2O) & Potash (Kro) :  Less than 1%
Lime (CaO) :  Less than 0.5%
Magnesia (MgO) : 

Less than 0.5%

Varieties of Kotastone

Basically Kotastone is sedimentary rock. Black Kotastone is fine grained variety for cladding and flooring purpose. Black Kotastone is finest stone for exterior and interior purpose. It is excellent stone owing to its low water absorption and non-slippery property.

Features of Black Kotastone:

  • Hard
  • Compact
  • Create visual appeal to the area
  • Resistance to weather, acids
  • Non-slippery

Brown Kotastone:

Brown Kotastone is one of the famous stones, used for flooring and wall cladding. Brown Kotastone is tough and non-slippery; this property makes it perfect for flooring purpose. Brown Kotastone is non-porous variety. Brown Kotastone is widely used for Interior & Exterior, flooring, cladding, countertops, Vanities, etc.

Features of Brown Kotastone:

  • Attractive smooth and finish
  • Non-water-absorbent
  • Weather resistant
  • Tough and non- slippery

Yellow Kotastone:

Yellow Kotastone is a famous Kotastone for interior and outdoor flooring purpose. Resistance to weather, acids-alkyls property makes it perfect for flooring. It is tough and non-porous variety. Yellow Kotastone is rich yellow-golden shaded Kotastone. It looks lustrous after polishing.

Blue Kotastone:

Blue Kotastone is dense regular ocean blue colored stone. Blue Kotastone mainly used for gardens and landscapes, cladding and flooring, pathways of building and paving. Blue Kotastone can also have some greenish color shade.

Features of Blue Kotastone:

Blue Kotastone is dense regular ocean blue colored stone. Blue Kotastone mainly used for gardens and landscapes, cladding and flooring, pathways of building and paving. Blue Kotastone can also have some greenish color shade.

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